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Every Acre Matters

Apr 03, 2020

Apply Technology 

Things are changing everyday.  Agriculture is no different.  Technological advances and replicated data have provided us with tools and insights to help maximize our investment for every acre on the farm. Combining our ag data software for zone creation, Winfields R7 Tool for seed information, and the equipment on your farm for application, we can make the most of every acre.


Where To Start

Zone maps created from NDVI imagery, yield data, and topography (bottom) show which areas of the field is highest and lowest producing. Even in fields with little elevation change, variable rate technology can prove its value.  The Zone map (top left) is used to make prescriptions. The Prescription map (top right) shows how the seed and fertilizer will be applied. 

Why Variable Rate? 

Every acre is different, treat it that way:
  • Zone soil sampling is the backbone of utilizing VRT
  • Give higher producing areas the ability to flex their muscle by increasing inputs to increase production
  • Mitigate wasteful product use and spending by utilizing the technology in your equipment or provided by MRGA
  • Yield data reveals nutrient removal. Correlating prescription maps replenish the nutrients in every acre




Contact your local MRGA agronomist or Precision Specialist Ethan Kyllo for more information.
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